GWR 54/64/74XX

This chassis kit is designed as a like-for-like replacement for the Bachmann 6400 class 0-6-0PT. The bodyshell can, with a little modification, also be used to represent the 5400 and 7400 class versions – apart from not being push-pull fitted, the 74s were virtually identical to the 64s but the 54s had 5ft 2in diameter wheels. If taking the latter route, check that your chosen make of wheels will actually fit inside the splashers.

The kit includes alternative patterns of brake gear to cover the principal variations within the three Classes. This High Level chassis is engineered to our usual exacting standards. It can be built in 'OO', EM or P4 with either rigid axles or twin-beam compensation.

The kit includes a full set of inside valve gear (non-working) and fully-removable brakegear. Power is provided by a large 14 series can motor (we can supply this) and a bespoke double-reduction gearbox, which is available in 30, 40 or 54:1 ratios – please state your preference when ordering. The motor sits snugly inside the boiler with the gearbox concealed inside the ashpan leaving the cab completely clear.











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