Our Chassis Kits are custom-designed to fit specific proprietary models, lifting them to a whole new level. They come with OO/EM/P4 chassis spacers, sideframes of prototypical outline, with optional cut-outs for our own High Level Hornblocks. All feature full spring and brake gear detail, coupling rods and dummy inside motion, as well as cosmetic detailing parts.

Each kit comes complete with its own bespoke High Level 'Precision' Gearbox which is completely concealed within the structure of the locomotive. The mechanisms feature double-reduction gearing to give you enhanced controllability with superb smooth low-speed running. All these items (plus bearings, wire and other fittings) are included in the price, representing excellent value for money compared with sourcing them yourself from outside suppliers.












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Jinty Chassis Kit
Lanky Pug Chassis Kit
14xx Chassis
LMS Jinty
LYR 'Pug'
Pannier Chassis Kit
03 Chassis Kit
Collett Goods Chassis Kit
GWR 5700 Pannier
BR 03 DM
GWR Collett Goods
Collett Tender Chassis
Dean Goods Chassis Kit
Dean Tender Chassis
GWR Collett Tender
GWR Dean Goods
GWR Dean Tender
56XX Chassis Kit
J72 Chassis KIt
GWR 6400 Class Chassis Kit
GWR 56/66XX
94XX Chassi Kit    
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