The 'PLATFORM' Range

Running alongside our well-established chassis and loco kits we have the High Level 'PLATFORM' range. This sub-brand is primarily intended to make a number of items, originally produced as private commissions, available to a wider audience.

They will include construction guidelines. On the whole, these products are simpler in concept and execution than the main High Level range – no intricate inside motion, CSBs or fully adjustable brake gear - but they're still CAD-engineered to High Level's traditionally demanding standards of excellence.

You can build the kits exactly as supplied, or view them as a platform for better things. There is always scope for the finescale modeller to add further detail enhancements if required, using parts they have sourced or made themselves.












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GT3 Chassis Kit
GT3 Chassis Kit
Pacific Coast N.G. BO-BO
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