Special Gearboxes

There are some applications where even the gearboxes in our standard range may not meet your requirements. That's why we've developed a number of special gearboxes.

The HiFlier is custom-designed to enable you to fit a large can motor into a locomotive (an OO/HO Pacific is a classic case) without fouling the wheels.

The ultra-compact HumpShunter is ideal for tiny engines (such as the LNER Y8) with low boiler and sidetanks.

The double-articulated LoLoader provides ultimate flexibility with a variety of contorted configurations. It's particularly suited to small diesel shunters, where the low-profile top section of the gearbox, allows the worm to sit right back inside the cab's control console, leaving as much of the bonnet space as possible for the motor.

View our downloadable PROFILE SHEET to see the full range of options and check the performance using our SPEED CALCULATOR

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Current Price excluding Postage

HiFlier 30/40/54:1

Current Price excluding Postage

HumpShunter 60/80/108:1


Current Price excluding Postage

LoLoader 60/80/108:1
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